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What customers say...

Home Condition Survey


  • Our sincere appreciation for such a detailed survey. Took a roofer friend of mine to assess the roof and wall render and am currently trying to renegotiate on the offered price!


  • Many thanks for the hard copies of the condition survey.  I visited the property again yesterday with a roofer as that was my main concern with the report.  He couldn't believe the state the roof was in. …………….I have decided to pull out.  The other bits you found apart from the stairs I knew about but a new roof is a different matter.  ………..thank you for being so thorough. When I have found another house I will of course contact you.


  • I negotiated a £2,000 reduction in the price…


  • This is extremely comprehensive and just what we needed!   I will be happy to recommend you.


  • Thank you again for your help and thorough Survey, which has put my mind at rest.


  • Your report was extremely thorough and your findings, particularly in the roof space, have             indeed exposed a problem which is now going to be resolved. We shall certainly recommend      your services should the situation arise....





  • Thanks so much for these; I think you did a great job. Did you by any chance have a photo of the stained glass window in the bathroom? If so perhaps it could replace the other bathroom one. Very happy with them, yes!


  • Thank you for forwarding the photos, they are great both …… and I are really pleased with them!


  • ………. really happy with the photos


  • The photos all look great, please upload them all. Thank you for further improving them and working so promptly on it all.


Floor Plans


  • The floor plan looks wonderful. We are very pleased – you did a good job.